SPWC Panelist: Christine Pinalto, Sidelined USA

Christine Pinalto, Sidelined USA

Christine is serving on Panel 2: Creating Better Programs

Christine Pinalto is the executive director and co-founder of Sidelined USA, a nonprofit organization which provides support resources for athletes forced to discontinue competition due to career-ending injuries, health conditions, or repeat concussions. 

Christine is leading efforts to raise awareness about the psychological impact of medically-forced exit from sport and educates the sports medicine community on improved patient care for medically disqualified (MDQ) athletes. Additionally, she advocates for improved after-care for MDQ student-athletes on a national scale.

Her passion for advocating for sidelined athletes was spawned from her personal journey supporting her son in his experience as a MDQ athlete in his young teen years. Recognizing the significant lack of resources available to support sidelined athletes in their transitions forward, Christine and her son together founded their organization in 2016. Their mission is to reunite permanently-sidelined athletes with their passions and inspire them to find a meaningful way forward through resources, connection, and new pursuits. 

As a former educator, entrepreneur, and program director, Christine utilizes her multi-faceted background to support her full-time nonprofit work as director, educator, and advocate for Sidelined USA. 

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