Podcast: Randy Blakeslee, Symboliq Media

Randy Blakeslee, Symboliq Media

Randy Blakeslee, Co-founder of Symboliq Media shares his insight with our host Roy Kessel on this week’s Sports Philanthropy Podcast. Symboliq has develop a specialized niche in helping celebrities, brands and non-profits grow their profiles through the use of innovative storytelling, stunning imagery and focused social media campaigns.

Randy Blakeslee of Symboliq Media joins our host Roy Kessel on this week’s edition of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:28 Randy Blakeslee Background and focus
  • 04:20 Which social media are you using and best use of hashtags
  • 12:05 Variety of businesses Symboliq works with
  • 15:25 How Symboliq helps non-profits
  • 19:00 Best social media strategies for non-profits
  • 21:30 Strategies for engagement and getting attention
  • 24:00 Fundraising
  • 27:00 Importance of PR, marketing and communications support
  • 33:20 How to use baseball or any sport to impact community

if your organization is looking for outstanding work and creative that sets you apart from the masses, reach out to Symboliq Media. Take a look at their website at symboliqmedia.com. We are also happy to connect you to Randy directly so that you can discuss how they can help brand you!!

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