Al Bernstein highlights class for Illinois Boxing Hall of Fame

Announcer Al Bernstein highlighted the class of 2019 Illinois Boxing Hall of Fame. Held on Friday, April 12, 2019, the overflowing crowd of over 600 enthusiastic attendees created an energetic buzz rarely seen at these types of events.

We are still trying to find out which of the boxers arrived in this sweet limo, as were the hundreds of people gathered around while it was parked out front of the dinner as they tried to grab a quick glimpse of the inside of this decadent transportation machine.

The Honorees included:

  • Al Bernstein
  • Charlie “White Lightning” Brown
  • Davey Day
  • Jackie Fields
  • Rick Fornuto
  • Bill Heglin
  • Young Joe Louis/Eddie Taylor
  • John Lewus, Sr.
  • Gerald McClellan
  • Battling Nelson
  • Nick Petracca Sr.
  • Leatitia Robinson
  • Joey Ruiz
  • Gerald Scott

As the evening wrapped up, there were some terrific sport memorabilia items that helped raise money for a variety of causes. Obviously, many of the items were boxing related and the boxing gloves are always one of the premier items that attract the attention of bidders!

Do you have anyone who should be nominated for next year’s Hall of Fame class? Please contact Pete Hoffman at

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